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Fire Extinguisher Servicing

Fire Extinguisher Servicing

Fire extinguishers should be serviced annually by a competent fire extinguisher engineer in accordance with BS5306 Part 3 2017. Annual servicing will involve thoroughly checking all of the various parts of the extinguisher to check for damage or degradation. We will lubricate all threads and replace any o-rings or washers. The extinguisher will be weighed to check that it has not been discharged or partially discharged and that the weight is within the tolerance levels required. Stored pressure extinguishers will have the guage tested to check that the needle is not stuck. Cartridge operated extinguishers will be disassembled and the body and individual components inspected and the cartridge will be weighed to check that it is within the required tolerance.


The prices for our annual basic servicing are comprehensive and transparent. The prices includes all of the normal consumable parts that are normally replaced at each service.


Our prices include:

  • labels
  • guage seals
  • anti-tamper tags
  • washers and o-rings
  • certification



Extended Servicing

Every five years water, foam and powder extinguishers need to undergo discharge testing. This is where the extinguisher is discharged to ensure it is capable of emptying fully  and that the spray or discharge reaches the prescribed distance. The extinguisher is then refilled and re-pressurised.


Carbon Dioxide extinguishers have a 10 year life span after which they must be overhauled and the extinguisher body is then required to be pressure tested and refilled. Taking into account the cost of sending the extinguisher away to have this done along with the associated postage costs and the problems of providing a temporary replacement extinguisher it is more financially viable to  simply replace the extinguisher with a new one.


Extended servicing of dry powder extinguishers poses a similar problem as often it is not possible to discharge these types of extinguishers without causing disruption and mess. To avoid this issue like CO2 extinguishers it is often easier to simply replace these types of extinguishers every 5 years.

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